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Hudson Leick at Trek Expo 98 in Tulsa

Hudson Leick


Actress Hudson Leick, who plays Callisto on Hercules and Xena, appeared at Trek Expo 98 in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, June 27, 1998. Dressed in a racy, skin-tight, red leather (or possibly vinyl) dress, Hudson was greeted with standing applause and countless camera flashes. Hudson did not have a presentation prepared, so the first moments were somewhat awkward. The audience seemed stunned and uncertain how to react to this mythical goddess.

Hudson asked the dumbfounded audience members if they were ready, and when they failed to respond immediately, she barked the question again in a far more dominant tone, which drew cheers from the crowd. She then asked, "Who will do my bidding?" Once again, the audience seemed utterly fossilized with fear. Hudson broke the ice by demonstrating her warrior scream, which was indeed quite loud, high-pitched, and long in duration.

Hudson commanded those with questions to line up on one side of the stage where a microphone had been prepared. She also promised that everyone who wanted to could have their picture taken with her later. She then began to answer questions, most of which were pointless queries. Other questions seemed to be intended for the creators of "Xena", and Hudson was unable to answer them. There were, however, several amusing moments.

One man asked what Hudson was doing that night, because he wanted to go out with her. Hudson admitted that she would be attending a barbecue dinner at Embassy Suites. Another man asked if something was real, possibly referring to her dress. Hudson responded as if he had asked if her breasts were real. She invited him on stage to see for himself. The man rushed onstage and stood rigidly about a foot away from Hudson, staring directly at her chest for several seconds. He then ran away quickly. Hudson said, "I'm not afraid of men," which drew some applause.

A young boy asked to have his picture taken with her, and Hudson obliged. Hudson held one little girl in her arms while a picture was taken. Later, another little girl was placed on stage to be photographed with Hudson, but the girl burst into tears and was taken away.

When Hudson was asked if Callisto would return next season she said, "I hope not." When asked about her shooting schedule for "Xena", she said, "I get up at four, they pick me up at five, and I get home at seven." When asked about her previous work, she mentioned "Law & Order" and "Touched by an Angel".

Hudson revealed that her favorite episode of "Xena" was the one in which Callisto became a god. Someone mentioned the quote, "Here comes trouble!" and Hudson said that she liked that line. Hudson also confessed under intense questioning that the actor who plays Ares is "hot".

One young girl asked how Hudson won her role as Callisto on "Xena". Hudson replied, matter of factly, "I slept with the director," but immediately recanted. Perhaps realizing that her answer was totally inappropriate for all the children in the audience, Hudson laughed nervously and said, "I auditioned."

Near the end of the session, Hudson introduced us to her best friend, "Artemis", a young woman wearing a long blue wig. Artemis sang a brief love song without musical accompaniment while Hudson sat on a nearby table swinging her foot. After the song, Hudson wrapped up the session and spontaneously left the stage to sign autographs.

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Hudson Leick, the Captain Ahab of the Xenaverse, made a second appearance at Trek Expo 98 in Tulsa on Sunday, June 28, 1998. This appearance was more subdued than her first, but there were still some outrageous moments. Hudson wore a modest white gown and sported a more conservative hairstyle. She later admitted that she was wearing a wig, but refused to remove it or divulge the true color of her hair.

Many people asked the same questions that had been posed in the previous session. Hudson confirmed that she did indeed hope that Callisto would stay dead. She also confirmed that she did indeed audition for the role of Callisto. A girl asked about the contact lenses Hudson wore when Callisto became a god. Hudson said that the lenses were painful and that they made her cry. The girl then asked if Hudson got to keep the lenses. Hudson replied that she didn't and that she wouldn't want them anyway.

As in the previous session, a man asked if Hudson would go out with him. She replied that she would be flying back to New Zealand to shoot an episode of "Hercules" in which she would not play Callisto. Someone asked if Callisto might get her own spin-off series. Hudson said she didn't understand how that could work, because Callisto would probably just kill somebody every week. Another man asked Hudson for a kiss, which he got.

Hudson gave a repeat performance of her warrior scream, but before she could do so, she had to remove the chewing gum from her mouth. An audience member volunteered to hold the gum in his bare hand while she screamed. Later, another audience member asked if he could have the gum, so Hudson took it from her mouth and gave it to him. He immediately began chewing the used gum, evoking both groans and cheers from the crowd. Hudson confessed that she liked Juicy Fruit chewing gum, and two audience members left offerings of chewing gum on the stage for her.

In a racier part of the session, Hudson asked if anyone wanted to talk about her breasts. She also exposed herself (or at least her underwear) to a male audience member by lifting the hem of her skirt. She then scolded the man for not looking at her when she did it. Hudson later conjectured that she probably would not fit into Tulsa society and said that she would be more comfortable in "La La Land".

Near the end of the session, Hudson's friend, Artemis, returned (without the blue wig) and sang a song while Hudson sat on a nearby table, hugging her knees to her chest. Afterward, Hudson disappeared behind a curtain to sign autographs.

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Some of these pictures are good, others simply suck. Many of the pictures were taken through binoculars from a wobbly set of bleachers, with mixed results. But even the worst picture has its redeeming qualities. If anything, these images should give you a sense of what it was like to be there. Enjoy!

Saturday, from floor: Profile of Hudson in the red dress.
Saturday, zoom from bleachers: Hudson and the projection screen.
Saturday, from bleachers: Fans crowd around Hudson.
Saturday, from bleachers: Artemis joins Hudson on stage.
Sunday, through binoculars: Hudson hears a question.
Sunday, through binoculars: Hudson lifts her skirt.
Sunday, through binoculars: Hudson looks adorable on the screen.
Sunday, through binoculars: Hudson's warrior scream.
Sunday, through binoculars: Hudson sits down on the stage.
Sunday, through binoculars: Hudson watches Artemis sing.
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Personal Footnote

I attended Trek Expo 98 as a general admission loser. I sat far from the stage on a wobbly set of bleachers, which partly explains the poor quality of my photographs. I did not expect, nor was I psychologically prepared, to have any contact with any of the celebrity guests. However, sitting in the bleachers did not stop Hudson from singling me out.

At one point during her second appearance, as I was watching through my K-Mart binoculars, Hudson looked in my direction and said something like, "You must feel pretty safe back there." I tore the binoculars away from my eyes in shock and disbelief. It was as if she had read my mind, because I really did feel safe back there. Then Hudson said, "Don't turn around! You know I'm talking to you!" I was paralyzed, totally brain-locked. Hudson quickly moved on, leaving me to ponder what, exactly, had just happened.

My section of the bleachers was sparsely populated, so I suspect that she must have been talking to me. Through the binoculars it seemed as if she was looking right at me, but she didn't provide enough information to determine who, if anyone, she was actually addressing. In the end, it doesn't really matter, because just being near the focal point of Hudson Leick's attention resulted in total disruption of all neurological functions.

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