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Jerry Doyle at Trek Expo 98 in Tulsa

Jerry Doyle Actor Jerry Doyle, who plays Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, appeared at Trek Expo 98 in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sunday, June 28, 1998. He was greeted with thunderous applause that rivaled the ovations received by William Shatner the day before. Jerry was dressed appropriately for the searing heat in a light, short-sleeved shirt, dark blue shorts, and sandals.

After the extended round of applause, an emissary from Jerry's fan club presented him with a birthday card that had apparently been signed by most, if not all, of the club members. Then, realizing what was about to happen, Jerry managed to mutter something like "oh no" just before the crowd began to sing "Happy Birthday To You" in unison.

After the song, Jerry began to speak and answer questions, and he didn't mince words. His no-nonsense anecdotes were peppered with mild profanities. Jerry had so much to say that it is difficult to remember most of it, but several incidents do stand out in memory.

As is usually the case at conventions, people asked Jerry a lot of detailed questions that could only be answered by writers or producers. Jerry dealt with this problem by explaining that he is so focused on his own performance that usually the only thing he can recall is: "Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. My line. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." Jerry, did, however, offer some information about two upcoming Babylon 5 movies.

Jerry was refreshingly self-deprecating. He said that he doesn't really consider himself an actor, but an advertising salesman, because it's his job to make sure there's something good between the commercials. He claimed that he never reads the scripts in advance, because it's too difficult to keep track of what his character is and isn't supposed to know from scene to scene. He also said he doesn't consider himself a grown-up, because acting isn't a real job.

At one point, Jerry launched into a passionate tirade against the government in general and President Clinton in particular, which drew much applause from the crowd. He said that you could go to any local bar and find people that would do a better job than the bureaucrats in Washington.

One particularly amusing moment came when someone in the middle of the audience asked if she could have her picture taken with Jerry. He said something like, "Sure, just have the person with the camera stand behind you and shoot this way, then you'll be in the picture with me."

Later, Denise Gentile, who plays Garibaldi's girlfriend on Babylon 5, made a surprise appearance. It was her first appearance at a sci-fi convention. Soon after Denise walked on stage, she and Jerry embraced and kissed. They then went on to answer a few questions together before the session ended.


Some of these pictures are good, others simply suck. Many of the pictures were taken through binoculars from a wobbly set of bleachers, with mixed results. But even the worst picture has its redeeming qualities. If anything, these images should give you a sense of what it was like to be there. Enjoy!

From floor: Jerry hears a question.
From floor: Jerry and Denise.
Through binoculars: Jerry and Denise kiss on the screen.
Through binoculars: Jerry looks menacing.
From bleachers: Jerry addresses the crowd.
Through binoculars: Jerry answers a question.
Through binoculars: Jerry and Denise, besieged by fans.
Through binoculars: Jerry selects an audience member.

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